Network connection not working?

These instructions apply to the wired Ethernet connection only. For problems with wifi connection please contact the IT Office.

Below are some things you can try to get your connection working.  Some of the instructions below have alternative ways of getting to things, as different operating systems keep things in different places. Use whichever method works for you, but bear in mind that your system may look slightly different, so don't worry too much if yours doesn't quite match. REMEMBER: if all else fails, ask someone - either a knowledgeable friend or ask at the IT Office. Please note these suggestions mainly cover Windows rather than Macs or other operating systems.

  1. Check you have the correct cable and it is properly plugged in. If in doubt, check it with the IT Office.
  2. Go back through the instructions and double-check that you've followed them correctly.
  3. Check the card is installed properly:
    • Go to the Control Panel and then to System, OR System and Maintenance, OR  System and Security | System
    • Click on the "Device Manager" OR "Hardware", then "Device Manager". Vista users should then click "continue" if necessary.
    • Click on the "+" or arrow by Network adapters. Your network card should be listed. If there is a yellow triangle with an explanation mark, or a cross in a red circle, this means there is a problem with the card - probably it didn't install properly. Click on the card and click the Properties button - this may give more of an indication of what is wrong. Try re-installing the card.

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