Dr Andrzej Harris

Director of Studies in Biochemistry; Tutor; Postgraduate Tutor (Welfare)
Assistant Teaching Professor of Pharmacology

After completing his PhD in Biological Science at Corpus Christi, Dr Harris joined the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge as a Postdoctoral Fellow, specialising in cryo-EM reconstruction of bacterial protein filaments involved in cell division and plasmid DNA segregation.

Afterwards, he moved to the University's Department of Biochemistry, where he was applying his cryo-EM expertise to the reconstruction and computational modelling of antibiotic transport by bacterial tripartite efflux pumps and related membrane proteins.

In 2023 he joined the Department of Pharmacology, focusing on lecturing and organising teaching on the three undergraduate courses ran by the Department: Mechanisms of Drug Action for IB Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, as well as Part IB and Part II Pharmacology for Natural Sciences Tripos.

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