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Professor Harry Elderfield

St Catharine's College
Trumpington Street

Telephone: 01223 338344

Professor of Ocean Geochemistry and Palaeochemistry in the Departement of Earth Sciences. Research interests include the role of the oceans in regulating atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations; marine calcification; the use of geochemical and isotopic proxies to evaluate climate change on geologically short (glacial-interglacial) and longer (100 million year) time scales.

Some recent publications: 

Yu J, H. Elderfield, and A. M. Piotrowski (2008) Seawater carbonate ion-? 13C systematics and application to glacial–interglacial North Atlantic ocean circulation, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 271, 209-220.

Boessenkool, K. P., I. R. Hall, H. Elderfield and I. Yashayaev (2007). North Atlantic climate and deep-ocean flow speed changes during the last 230 years. Geophysical Research Letters 34(13): L13614.

H. Elderfield, J. Yu, P. Anand, T. Kiefer and B. Nyland (2006) Calibrations for benthic foraminiferal Mg/Ca paleothermometry and the carbonate ion hypothesis, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett, 250, 633-649.

Raven J., K. Caldeira, H. Elderfield, O. Hoegh-Guldbery, P. Liss, U. Riebesell, J. Shepherd, C. Turley and A. Watson (2005) Ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, The Royal Society, London,

Elderfield H. (2002) Carbonate Mysteries, Science, 296, 1618-1620.

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Last modified 28th January 2015