The Annual Fund

In seeking the regular participation of all of our Members, the Annual Fund provides the College with income that is used for the immediate benefit of our students. To date, the Annual Fund has raised £2.1m from more than 1,500 donors. Without this support, much of what we do to provide our students with exceptional learning opportunities would not be possible.


The Annual Fund supports all aspects of College life, including: student support; teaching; extra-curricular activities; and facilities. In 2016, the Annual Fund received gifts totaling £185,000 from 808 donors. Here are some of the ways in which this support has been put to use:

Supporting more than 100
undergraduate Entrance Bursaries

Funding for four MPhil and PhD scholarships

Students in the College library

17 Annual Fund Sports Bursaries

New Library facilities

In their own words: read about the impact of our donors' support on our Beneficiary Profiles page.

Your Support Matters

Gifts of all amounts underpin the success of the Annual Fund, and the cumulative impact of many regular donations is substantial. For example, in 2016 those donors who individually gave up to £500 together donated almost £200,000. Here are a few examples of how your support could help to transform a student’s life:

  • A gift of £20 a month supports an academic travel grant or Annual Fund Sports Bursary
  • A quarterly gift of £250 funds an undergraduate Entrance Bursary
  • £300 allows a group of 30 state school children to attend a taster day at the College as part of our Access programme
  • A gift of £1,500 would support the MCR’s annual Symposium

The 2017 Annual Fund

We are grateful to everyone who has supported the Annual Fund to date in 2017, and hope that many more will choose to do so this year. If you would like to make a gift to the Annual Fund now then you can make a regular donation or single gift online, or download a gift form and return it to the Alumni & Development Office. Alternatively, please feel welcome to contact Mr Guy Lawrenson, Senior Development Officer, by email or telephone (01223 338334) for more information.