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Alumnus flies the flag for St Catharine’s at the South Pole


Alumnus Garrett Curran (1991, law) has walked to the South Pole, reaching his destination today along with a College flag (pictured below; credit: G. Curran), which until recently had flown above the boathouse in Cambridge. This means that St Catharine’s alumni have now reached both Poles with our flag as well as the summit of Mount Everest with a College tie.

“Huge congratulations to Garrett on reaching the South Pole today. I am proud of his determination and perseverance, in spite of the significant physical toll of the journey,” commented Professor Sir Mark Welland, Master of St Catharine’s College. “It was especially touching that he chose to take a moment to honour St Catharine’s by unfurling our flag as part of his hard-earned celebrations at the South Pole.”

Having previously walked to the North Pole in support for HopeHIV, Garrett’s current expedition is raising money for CrisCancer to fund paediatric tumour research.