Ten Years On (2006)

Flying in on a snowy evening from Luxembourg, it seemed difficult to believe that it had been ten years since we matriculated at Catz. Walking through the centre of Cambridge very little appeared to have changed, even the lights in my old room, Hobson's 11, were still twinkling as they had in my first year. 

Yet for us a lot has changed. We are now all the proud possessors of BA CANTABs and even Masters degrees (some earned with rather more effort than others...). We may have graduated during the financial crisis, but we have just about managed to secure jobs and some of us have even secured spouses and/or houses. 

Coming back to Catz and tucking in to the familiar, but bizarrely named cuisine ('leg faggot' for the omnivores and 'parsnip' for the vegetarians) time seemed to melt away and we felt like first years in college. That being said the presence of professors at the table did keep pennying rather limited and we were all too impressed and nostalgic to feel awkward when David Clinton and Lawrence Thackeray read grace. We also enjoyed the President's speech and are duly prepared for the upcoming telephone campaign. 

Dinner was followed by rather too much Port in the Senior Common Room - it was good to see that the traditional Catz cheese course still remained in place too. During this time, we caught up with our old friends and even visited the much improved Catz bar. All too soon it was time to venture out into the snow again. I was very sorry not to be returning to the twinkling lights of Hobson's 11, but pleased to see that the Catz camaraderie certainly still lives on. 

Apricot Wilson (2006)

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