Dr Colin Higgins

Library history; theory and practice of cataloguing and classification.
Librarian; Custodian of the Works of Art

Colin Higgins has been Librarian of St Catharine’s since 2010. 

He holds a BA in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in Librarianship from the University of Wales, and an MPhil and PhD in Ancient Philosophy from King’s College London. His doctoral thesis examined the ways Plato’s representation of the trial and execution of Socrates suggested that the philosopher’s death was self-inflicted, and the implications this reading might have on the Platonic corpus. 

Colin’s main research interests are now in the history of bibliographic description, and the socio-cultural assumptions embedded in cataloguing standards and classification schemes. His book, Cataloging and Managing Film and Video Collections, was published by the American Library Association in 2015.

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