Dr Hend Hanafy

Subject: Law
Criminal law and penal theory, legal and political philosophy, justification of punishment and legitimacy of state authority.
Assistant Professorship in Criminal Law

Prior to joining St Catharine's, Hend was a Bye-Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Christ's College, and completed her doctoral research at Girton College, University of Cambridge. Her research interests are in criminal law and penal theory with a focus on the justification and legitimacy of punishment and the limits of criminalisation. Before joining Cambridge, Hend was a lawyer in Cairo and Assistant Lecturer at Cairo University, Egypt. She holds a BA and Master in Law from Cairo University, and an LLM and Diploma in Public Policy from the American University in Cairo.

Beside law, Hend writes short stories in Arabic. She published a short stories collection in 2013 and has a page with over 450,000 followers on Facebook.

Hend Hanafy, ‘Bentham: Punishment and the Utilitarian Use of Persons as Means’, Journal of Bentham Studies 19, no. 1 (June 2021): 1–23.