Dr John Xuereb

Emeritus Fellow
Neurodegenerative diseases
Senior Proctor 2018-19; Deputy Senior Proctor 2019-20

Early NHS career: physician in Manchester Teaching Hospitals and neurologist in Newcastle upon Tyne.
University of Cambridge (1993 -2020): Fellow and Director of Studies in Pathology at St Catharine's College.
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (1991-2015): Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist.    
Royal College of Pathologists: Chair, Panel of Examiners for Fellowship (FRCPath in Neuropathology) 2007-2015; Chair, RCPath Specialty Advisory Committee for Neuropathology 2011-15.
European Confederation of Neuropathological Societies (Euro-CNS): Chair, Board of Examiners for the European Fellowship in Neuropathology 2007-2015.
Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK): Member of panel of assessors 2004-2015.
Dean of St Catharine's College 2001-2011 and 2015-2020.

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