Dr Liana Chua

Tunku Fund Director, Postgraduate Tutor (Welfare)
Tunku Abdul Rahman University Associate Professor in Malay World Studies

Dr Chua is a social anthropologist with long-term interests in ethnic politics, Christianity, development, environmental transformations and more-than-human landscapes in Borneo. She currently works on the social, political and aesthetic dimensions of the global nexus of orangutan conservation, tracing its operations, transformations and effects across national and cultural boundaries. Her projects on this theme include POKOK, an anthropology and conservation collaboration, and The Global Lives of the Orangutan, a European Research Council-funded exploration of orangutan conservation in ‘the Anthropocene’. Other research and teaching interests include digital ethnography, visual and material culture, and anthropological knowledge practices.

Dr Chua enjoys putting anthropology to work in cross-disciplinary collaborations and public engagement, and – as Tunku Abdul Rahman Lecturer in Malay World Studies – is keen to cultivate (more) connections and conversations between Cambridge and maritime Southeast Asia. She holds a BA (Hons) in Modern History (Oxford) and an MPhil and PhD in Social Anthropology (Cambridge). Before joining St Catharine’s, she was a Research Fellow at Gonville and Caius College and Reader in Anthropology at Brunel University London.

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2013 Curl Lecture, Royal Anthropological Institute