Professor Matthew Mason

Subject: Natural Sciences
Structure, function and evolution of the ear in mammals and other vertebrates. Comparative anatomy and physiology.
Robert Comline Fellow in Physiology; Director of Studies in Physiology
University Physiologist; Professor of Comparative Physiology

Prof. Matt Mason, Director of Studies in Physiology at St Catharine's, also holds the position of University Physiologist, taking a central role in co-ordinating the teaching, examining and practical classes for the physiology courses taught within the University. He therefore has a great deal of experience in teaching physiology to medical, veterinary and natural science students. Matt's research interests include the structure, function and evolution of the middle ear apparatus in vertebrates: how do the smallest bones in the body work, and how do differences in their structure reflect the ecology and environment of the animals that possesses them? He is particularly interested in the hearing of subterranean mammals such as moles and mole-rats, and has even travelled to Namibia in search of the rare golden mole! Matt is the physiology supervisor for most or all of our Natural Science students, where he uses his experience in comparative physiology to draw links between how different species work. He also works with the medical and veterinary students at St Catharine's.

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University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize (2018)