Dr Nisha Nixon

Subject: Medicine
adult oculomotility, strabismus, virtual reality

Dr Nixon completed her preclinical and clinical training in Medicine at St Catharine’s, graduating with first class honours and being awarded the Moses Holway Scholarship and John Addenbrooke Medical prize, as well as the Thomas Hobbes Scholarship and Robert Comline prize in Systems Physiology for her intercalated studies in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. She began her training as a surgical Academic Foundation doctor in the East of England, and was later appointed an Academic Clinical Fellow in Ophthalmology in 2020.

Dr Nixon’s research interests are in adult oculomotility and strabismus (misalignment of the eyes), and particularly the application of novel technology in the assessment of eye movements. She is chief investigator of a clinical study involving the development of a novel virtual reality test of eye movements. The low cost of virtual reality headsets opens exciting possibilities for clinical testing and automated diagnosis of patients outside of the traditional eye clinic setting.

Dr Nixon has supervised Neurobiology and Human Behaviour to the second-year undergraduate medical students at St Catharine’s since 2012, and completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education in 2016.

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