Dr Pablo Olmos

Subject: Economics
Dr Olmos’ research studies the relationship between time allocation, income, and economic development. By analysing thousands of time use diaries for individuals of all incomes and educational attainment levels in a set of both developed and developing economies, his research is able to identify striking time use patterns that help us understand better the relationship between income inequality and wellbeing.

A related, but separate, current research interest of Dr Olmos is understanding the effects of reducing working hours both in the wellbeing of workers and the productivity of firms.
Bibby College Assistant Professor in Economics

Dr Olmos received his PhD in Economics from Yale University, where he specialised in Economic Development and Econometrics, and where he also served as a Teaching Fellow. Dr Olmos has an extensive teaching record. His teaching portfolio includes a selection of classes at the introductory, intermediate, and upper-division courses, and covers a wide arrange of topics, from Microeconomics to Macroeconomics, from Development Economics to Financial Markets, from Mathematics to Econometrics.

Prior to joining St Catharine’s, Dr Olmos was a Senior Associate at Charles River Associates, a leading economic consultancy firm, where he worked for 5 years delivering world-class consultancy services in relation to many of the most high-profile competition cases in recent years.

Richard J. Bernhard Fellowship (Yale University), Malcolm Urban Fellowship (Yale University), Economic Growth Center Fellowship