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Dr Peter Candy


Subject: Law

My research interests include the historical development of Roman law, the conduct of ancient maritime trade, and the economic history of Republican Rome. From a methodological perspective, I maintain an interest in the philosophy of history, law, and economics, with a special focus on the use of the New Institutional Economics as a means of historical explanation.
Sir John Baker College Lecturer and Research Fellow; Director of Studies in Law

Peter Candy joined St Catharine’s as a College Teaching and Research Fellow in Law. His research interests include Roman legal and economic history and the relationship between legal change and economic development through time. He has recently completed a PhD on the historical development of Roman maritime law at the University of Edinburgh, where he also studied for an MA (Hons) in Literature and History and an LLB. Peter is looking forward to teaching Roman law and Land law at the College. He is also excited about the prospect of publishing his PhD research as a monograph, conducting new research, and playing an active part in the life of both the College and the law faculty.

Some years ago, the late Alan Watson described the attraction of studying law in the ancient world: “Roman law”, he wrote, “is the perfect laboratory for the study of law in society. We can observe it in an early city state, in the Rome of the Twelve Tables, in a developing Republic, under imperial – becoming dictatorial – rule, in a booming economy, in financial collapse, under paganism then under Christianity, in the Roman West then in the Greek East.” Inspired by this approach, my own work has focussed upon the relationship between Roman legal development and changes in the intensity of long-distance trading activity during the late Republic. The discovery of hundreds of shipwrecks in the Mediterranean basin in the past several decades has provided fresh insights into the conduct of ancient maritime trade. Together with the evidence for the legal change, the combination of the archaeological and textual sources gives rise to new and exciting questions concerning the relationship between the parallel developments that can be observed during this period.
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