Dr Tristan Cummings

Subject: Law
Law and Religion; Human Rights, Family Law
Baker-Fellingham College Assistant Professor; Director of Studies in Law

Tristan Cummings is the Baker-Fellingham College Assistant Professor at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. Previously, he worked as a Stipendiary Lecturer at Merton College, Oxford where he is also a PhD researcher in law. His current research focuses on the intersection of family law, human rights law and religious freedom with a particular interest in the regulation of religious family law through a systems theoretical and reflexive law model. His research is funded by the AHRC. 

Tristan undertook his BA at Oxford (2012-2015) being awarded a Postmaster's Scholarship for sustained academic performance and completed the BCL with Distinction (2017). He was awarded the Vinerian Scholarship for Best Overall Performance on the BCL and the Law Faculty Prizes in Children, Familes and the State and Comparative Equality Law. Tristan has been a Tutor in Human Rights Law for the Montag Centre for Overseas Students and has worked as co-ordinator of the Neuro-Law Network under Professor Imogen Goold, an international and cross-disciplinary network of academics focusing on law and emerging technologies. Tristan was involved as a volunteer in the Turpin and Miller Huntercombe Legal Aid Clinic in 2018-19. 

He is currently an Editor of the University of Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal

T O Cummings, ‘Utilizing Systems Theory Insights and Reflexive Law to Negotiate the “Collision Between... Un-connecting Worlds” in Family Law’ (2021) 9(2) Journal of Law, Religion and State 212

T O Cummings, '‘Equality as a Central Principle? - The Law Commission’s Solution to the Religious-Only Marriage Problem' (2021) Child and Family Law Quarterly 63

 T O Cummings, 'Coercive Control and Children’s Welfare in Re H-N and Others' (2021) Family Law (Online)

 T O Cummings, 'Gendered dimensions and missed opportunities in Akhter v Khan (Attorney-General and others intervening)' (2020) 32 Child and Family Law Quarterly 239

Vinerian Scholarship 2017; Merton College Graduate Prize Scholarship 2021; Oxford Law Faculty Prizes in Children, Families and the State 2017 and in Comparative Equality Law 2017