Lady Lyn Welland

Fellow Commoner

Lyn completed her PhD in Polymer physics at the University of Bristol. She moved to Cambridge in 1986 where she started a family and did a postdoc at the Cavendish Laboratory.  After her second child she began teaching Physics at the Perse school which she did for many years followed by some teaching at the Perse School for Girls (now the Stephen Perse Foundation). Lyn decided to change career after her fourth child, she has always had a love of music and plays the flute and the piano. She did a DipABRSM followed by an LRSM in flute performance and then a DipABRSM in flute teaching. She now teaches flute at the Leys School and enjoys playing both orchestral and chamber music in Cambridge. Lyn does voluntary work at the Women’s refuge in Cambridge where she holds a music group for the mothers and children, she also volunteers at the Red Balloon School in Cambridge. Lyn enjoys engaging with young people and hosting events for the students. She started a dog-walking scheme for the students’ wellbeing, with her dog Toby, which has become very popular.

Lyn’s publications are mainly on investigating the crystallisation behaviour and morphology of polymers using Transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction and include the following. 

· Single crystals of V amylose 1991 Int J Biol Macromol

· Selective degradation of chain folded single crystals of PHB 1989 Polymer communications

· Crystallisation and morphology of a bacterial thermoplastic, PHB 1984 J Mat Sci