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Lord Des Browne

Fellow Commoner


Des Browne, Lord Browne of Ladyton, is a British Labour politician.  From 1997 until 2010, after a legal career, he was MP for Kilmarnock & Loudon.  Consecutively he held ministerial posts in the Northern Ireland office, the DWP, the Home Office, the Treasury, the MOD and the Scotland Office.  He served in Cabinet positions as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary of State for Secretary of State for Scotland.  A member of the House of Lords since 2010, he is also Vice-chair of the Washington-DC-based Nuclear Threat Initiative, an NGO that works to reduce the threats posed by nuclear and other WMD and disruption.  Lord Browne also is the Chair of the Executive Board of the European Leadership Network and is a trustee and board member of other charitable organisations.  His current project engages the challenges that science and technology pose to public policy.