Professor Daniella Tilbury

Honorary Fellow
Sustainable Development, Higher Education, Critical Theory, Interdisciplinary dialogues and research.

Professor Tilbury commenced her academic career in 1990 as a doctoral student at St Catharine’s (Geography and Education). Her early work on frameworks for reorienting higher education towards sustainable development led to UN policy advisory roles and to her Chairing several UN Committees (1995 -2015).

Daniella has held research and academic leadership positions in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Gibraltar. . Whilst in Australia she became the recipient of the Macquarie Innovation Award for Research and won a large competitive bid to set up the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability (ARIES). Prof Tilbury was recognised with a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship in 2009 and funded to broker interdisciplinary dialogues and build inter-professional capability in sustainability research.

Daniella has travelled extensively across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Europe to evaluate the investment and impact of sustainability programmes. She was a member of the Board of WWF Australia that created Earth Hour in 2007. Most recently, Daniella was the inaugural Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gibraltar and established the research specialisms, strategic direction and commercial viability of this ambitious institution (2013-2018). Her latest challenge is as Commissioner for Sustainable Development to HM Government of Gibraltar.

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Macquarie Innovation Award (Research) (2007); Marie Curie International Fellow (2009); Green Gown Awards (2007, 2009, 2011, 2016)