Professor Donald Broom

Emeritus Fellow
Animal welfare science, animal behaviour and cognition, sustainability, interactions between humans and other animals, evolution of morality and religion.

Professor Donald Broom is the author of over 200 refereed scientific papers and seven books, and a member of the Home Office Animal Procedures Committee and the E.U. Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare.

Professorial Fellow and Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine 1987-2009.
Emeritus Fellow 2009-present.
President 2001-2004.
Chair of College Consultative Committee, Chair of College Music Committee. Chair of College Malaysia Committee.
President St Catharine's Society 2005-2006.

480 refereed papers and 11 books.
Broom, D.M. 1981. Biology of Behaviour. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.320.
Broom, D.M. 2003. The Evolution of Morality and Religion (pp.259). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Broom, D.M. 2014. Sentience and Animal Welfare (pp. 200). Wallingford: CABI.
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Broom, D.M. and Johnson, K.G. 2019. Stress and Animal Welfare: Key Issues in the Biology of Humans and Other Animals, 2nd edn. (pp 230). Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Five honorary doctorates and similar awards. Prizes and awards from British Veterinary Journal, British Society for Animal Science, Eurogroup for Animal Welfare, RSPCA (2), International Society for Applied Ethology, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, Confederation of Mexican Universities.