Professor Mark Elliott

Subject: Law
Public law
Professor of Public Law; Chair of the Faculty of Law

Mark Elliott is Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge. He is also Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Constitution Committee and a co-founder of the international biennial series of Public Law Conferences. Mark has published widely in the field of Public Law. He is the co-author of two leading textbooks — Public Law (OUP 2017, 3rd ed, co-written with Robert Thomas) and Administrative Law (OUP 2017, 5th ed, co-written with Jason Varuhas) — and the author of a monograph entitled The Constitutional Foundations of Judicial Review (Hart Publishing 2000). He is also the co-editor of The Unity of Public Law? Doctrinal, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives (Hart Publishing, 2018, with Jason Varuhas and Shona Wilson Stark), Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance (Hart Publishing, 2016, with John Bell, Jason Varuhas and Philip Murray), The Scope and Intensity of Substantive Review: Traversing Taggart’s Rainbow (Hart Publishing, 2015, with Hanna Wilberg), The Cambridge Companion to Public Law (Cambridge University Press, 2015, with David Feldman) and Effective Judicial Review: A Cornerstone of Good Governance (Oxford University Press, 2010, with Christopher Forsyth, Swati Jhaveri, Michael Ramsden and Anne Scully-Hill). Mark is also the author of a number of articles and essays on public-law topics, including judicial review of government action, the sovereignty of Parliament, human rights, devolution, tribunals, ombudsmen and local government.