Professor Peter Wothers MBE

Subject: Natural Sciences
Rushton Fellow and Director of Studies in Chemistry; Senior Treasurer, Amalgamated Clubs; Custodian of College Silver; Postgraduate Tutor (Financial)
Teaching Professor, Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

Professor Peter Wothers is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Chemistry, lecturing to the first, second and third year undergraduate students. He has co-authored a number of popular undergraduate textbooks including Why Chemical Reactions Happen, Chemical Structure and Reactivity and Organic Chemistry. Peter has made a number of TV and radio appearances, most recently giving the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on the BBC (2012). Peter is heavily involved in both the National and International Chemistry Olympiad competitions, and also initiated the successful Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, supported by the College. Peter is Director of Studies in Chemistry for St Catharine's, and supervises many of our Chemistry students. In 2014 he was awarded an MBE for Services to Chemistry.