Professor Richard Harrison

Magnetism of Earth and Planetary Materials
Director of Studies in Geology & Mineral Sciences
Professor of Earth & Planetary Materials; Head of Department, Department of Earth Sciences

Richard Harrison is a Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences and Director of Studies for Earth and Mineral Sciences at St. Catharine's. He is involved in lecturing the IA Earth Sciences course, the IB and Part II/III Mineral Sciences course, as well as demonstrating on undergraduate field trips. Professor Harrison specialises in understanding the physics and chemistry of natural materials and how their properties and behaviour impact the processes that shape our planet. His is particularly interested in the application of mineral magnetism to solve Earth Science problems, such as how organisms use magnetic minerals to navigate in the Earth's magnetic field, how the magnetic properties of sediment can reveal changes in Earth's past climate, and how the magnetic properties of meteorites can be used to investigate the processes that were occurring in the early solar system.