Daniel Ooi

Matriculation year: 2019

Degree: MPhil in Economics


"I studied the MPhil in Economics as a Tunku scholar during the 201920 academic year, although my time at Catz was cut short by the pandemic. For my MPhil dissertation I worked on the economics of religion, which I was very privileged to have done it under the supervision of Professor Sriya Iyer. I had read Sriya’s work during my undergraduate days in Edinburgh, and so it was mind-blowing to be working with her, no less in the same college. The economics of religion is still my main research interest, although since I have since dabbled in other areas of economics as well. In essence, I study religiosity from an economic perspective – why do people participate in religious activities? Is it because of religious beliefs, is it because of social norms, or is there something more?"

Life at Catz

"I look back at my time at Catz and Cambridge very fondly – the formals were fun, but far more valuable are the people that I met. Every single one of them have inspired and guided me all the way. The Fellows at Catz have greatly helped in spurring me to pursue my academic interests, and I am where I am today thanks to them.

"I am currently a lecturer in economics at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia (also named after Tunku himself), but I do hope to pursue a PhD, possibly in economics of religion, at some point in the future."

Advice for potential applicants

"The Tunku scholarship provided me with opportunities and experiences that I would never have otherwise dreamt of. Your time in Cambridge will be extremely rewarding, so make the most of it, and take every opportunity that is offered to you – this scholarship included. I promise it will be worth it."