Student welfare & wellbeing

What do we mean by 'welfare'?

When we talk about welfare we are talking how we are doing as a whole person. Welfare provision can include everything from one to one support for mental health issues to workshops to help with navigating the complexities of life, from activities to promote individual and communal wellbeing (such as walks and cook-alongs) to 'just a chat' to help think things through.  At St Catharine's we hope that all our students will flourish not only academically, but as human beings. The Health and Welfare Team works to make this a reality. 

Staff and Fellows looking for information about their own welfare or for a colleague can find further information here.

St Catharine’s Health and Welfare Team

We will be updating this page very soon ready for the new term, with more information on how the welfare team works - please check back soon! 

members of the welfare team

You are welcome to contact members of the Health and Welfare team by email at any time, and we will aim to reply as soon as we can, either by replying by email or by telephone or by setting a zoom / Teams call, as appropriate.  We are also happy to meet in person for 'welfare walks'. 

If you are concerned that another student is particularly vulnerable, please do reach out to them, and contact a member of the Health and Welfare Team in confidence if you feel that your friend needs further support.  If you do contact us with a concern, it would be helpful if you could provide us with your contact number in case we, or whoever is able to follow up your concerns, needs to come back to you. 

The wider welfare team

A lot of people at St Catharine's are involved in promoting student welfare and wellbeing. The Health and Welfare Team work closely with others to provide support for students, including: 

All undergraduates are allocated a personal tutor, who is often the first port of call if you need some help or support - it's worth getting to know your tutor. They can help you navigate College and University processes and systems, and provide advice and support for a range of issues, and help you find specialist support if you need it. If you need some support from your tutor but aren't sure how to approach them, you may wish to use one of these templates. Postgraduate students can access support from one of the postgraduate tutors; there are tutors for financial matters, welfare matters, and academic matters. 

JCR & MCR officers
The JCR committee and MCR committee include student welfare officers, who are a really useful source of advice about where to find additional support, as well as promoting wellbeing through events and activities.  

College Counsellors
In addition to the counselling service offered by the University, St Catharine’s also has a small team of counsellors available to work with students who would benefit from therapeutic support at short notice, or for a longer period of time than other services may be able to provide. We have recently expanded our counselling team so that students are able to express whether they would prefer a male, female or BAME counsellor when they are seeking a referral. Students can access this support by speaking to your Tutor or any member of the Health and Welfare Team.

Not sure where to turn? 

The links below will take you to other pages on the welfare hub where you will find:

  • Sources of help and support in the wider University and beyond
  • Self-help and self-care resources
  • Details of upcoming workshops, events and activities in College that you can join in with