St Catharine's is proud of our thriving research community powered by exceptional Fellows and scholars.

At St Catharine’s, our students and Fellows are engaging with impressive and wide ranging research and there is no question of the value that is added by being part of such an active and engaged research community. As the College looks to it's future, continued investment in research and developing exceptional talent are crucial to the College's continued development.

Economics College Teaching Officer

Our academic success in Economics, Land Economy and Management, amongst other subjects, is in no small part due to continued investment in teaching provision. St Catharine's is consistently ranked as one of the best Colleges for Economics in Cambridge as well as being ranked highly for Land Economy, with St Catharine’s students regularly featuring at or near the top of the results table. A key factor of this academic success is the supervision system, which is widely acknowledged to be an unsurpassed model of education and is at the heart of undergraduate teaching in St Catharine’s.

With increasing demands on academics who are employed by the University, particularly in administration, and the pressure for research productivity, the needs of the supervision system cannot be fully met by those University employed academics who are also Fellows of the College. Consequently, there has been an increased need and practice for Colleges to appoint their own College Teaching Officers in subjects with high levels of supervision demand. At St Catharine’s, the role for College Teaching Officers is of vital importance and in order to preserve our excellence in the research and teaching of Economics and related subjects. We need to continue investing in our teaching provision by raising funds to endow a post in perpetuity in the field of Economics ensuring St Catharine's students continue to benefit from the highest quality teaching.

The College is seeking a capital sum of £1.4 million to endow one post in perpetuity for our Economics, Land Economy and Management post. You can help to support teaching at St Catharine's by making a gift here.


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