Kloe Storrie and Rosie Tan

Kloe Storrie (2014, Veterinary Medicine) and Rosie Tan (2014, Veterinary Medicine) were joint recipients of the Stephane Francis Travel Award in 2016.

We are both third year Veterinary Medicine students, currently studying zoology. We take part in many of the sports available at Catz and have really enjoyed our first two and a half years here. As pre-clinical vet students, we must complete 12 weeks of work experience, two of which can be done abroad. In summer 2016 we went to New Zealand, and this would not have been possible without receiving some of the funds from the Stephane Francis Travel Award. It allowed us to work at a wildlife centre for a week, where we got to see the native kiwis and kea, and also on a cattle and sheep farm. We also got the chance to explore both mainland islands for two weeks. It was such an incredible experience and we are so grateful to the Francis family for giving us this opportunity.