The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund touches the lives of all St Catharine’s students through its support for a broad range of bursaries, scholarships and projects. We are very grateful to everyone who chooses to donate to the College through the Annual Fund. Their generosity has a profound impact on our students, providing opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. 

Impact in 2017-18

In the year to June 2018, we were delighted to receive the support of 700 Members to the Annual Fund, which resulted in benefits for all sections of the student community, including:

  • 90 undergraduate Entrance Bursaries and seven graduate bursaries
  • 55 Annual Fund Sports Bursaries for students playing 27 sports at College and/or University level
  • Grants for language courses, internships and electives
  • Support for the College’s Graduate Symposium and International Women’s Day celebration
  • Funds for the development of CatzConnect – the College’s forthcoming peer-to-peer networking and mentoring platform for students and alumni
  • Funding for the College Library’s digitisation project, which is enabling free access for anyone, anywhere, to our unique collections via the University Library website

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Annual Fund in 2017-18! You can read more about the Annual Fund’s impact on our beneficiary profiles page.

Aims for 2018-19

In the year ahead, our aim is for the Annual Fund to continue to provide substantial support for undergraduate and graduate bursaries, as well as further grants for extra-curricular activities and investment in College facilities. This will be possible only with the continued support of our Members and friends.

Your Support Matters

The greater the number of people who support the Annual Fund, the more we can do to benefit students now. For example:

  • A donation of £20 a month can fund a sports grant or travel award
  • Just four donations of £20 a month can support an undergraduate Entrance Bursary
  • Twenty gifts of £500 would provide an MPhil bursary
  • A donation of £2,000 will support the annual Graduate Symposium

You can make a regular donation or single gift online, or download a gift form and return it to the Alumni & Development Office. Please feel welcome to contact Mr Guy Lawrenson, Senior Development Executive, by email or telephone (01223 338334) for more information.

2018 Telephone Campaign

During the latter half of September, a team of nine students and recent graduates will be hoping to speak with up to 600 alumni. While support for the Annual Fund is vital, we also want to use this opportunity to share news from the College and learn about our alumni, including their interest in the College today and feedback and ideas relating to College events and communications. If you speak with one of our students then please be supportive of their efforts and the Annual Fund. Our team of student callers:

  • Caitlin Carr (2015, English)
  • Alex Denny (2017, Archaeology)
  • Corall Friedman (2014, MML)
  • Elena Gelzinyte (2015, Natural Sciences)
  • Matt Green (2016, History)
  • Philine Hagenmeyer (2015, Classics)
  • Felix Peckham (2016, HSPS)
  • Gaia Reyes (2016, HSPS)
  • Lydia Robinson (2016, Law)
  • Tamas Stenczel (2017, Natural Sciences)