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Video: College reopening in Michaelmas Term 2020

This 2.5 minute video introduces the College’s approach to reopening and how students, staff, Fellows and visitors will all play a part in protecting our community from COVID-19. 

Key points from the video

Our vibrant, close-knit community will probably feel a little different when you are next in College.

Based on the latest advice from the Government and the University of Cambridge, there will be some important changes to life in College.

Anyone could be affected by COVID-19, but the risk is greater for individuals with increased susceptibility to infectious diseases as the St Catharine’s community moves around College and the city.

Protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19 must come first.

To help us all understand what to expect, St Catharine’s will be providing:

  • A Risk Assessment, which everyone will need to read before arriving at the College
  • Guidance on what is expected in different spaces in College
  • Helpful online resources
  • Information points and instructional signage

It is essential that everyone does their bit to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The College’s guidance applies to students, staff, Fellows and any visitors.

You will notice that our guidance covers:

  • Required behaviours that are essential to help protect ourselves and others
  • Advice on safer, healthier habits that we can incorporate into our lives
  • Encouragement to treat others with respect and kindness

For example, our core guidance includes:

This approach might be unlike what we’ve all experienced up until now:

  • Maybe you’ve been living with people who needed to shield with strict control measures?
  • Maybe you’ve been living outside the UK, with a different set of COVID-19 guidelines or laws?
  • Or living in Cambridge when the College hadn’t reopened?

This means many of us will need to adjust our usual routines. This will be easier if we are patient and kind with each other – our support will help new, safer behaviours become habits more quickly.

Together, we can protect ourselves and the wider community.