Garrett Curran

Fellow Commoner

Garrett matriculated in 1991. He read Law and represented the University in Rugby Union and Rugby League, winning U21 Colours and a Half-blue respectively. He then spent more than two decades in finance in London and New York and finished off that period of his career as CEO of Credit Suisse in the UK and the bank’s Chief Client Officer in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is now an adviser and investor and a member of a number of Boards in different countries specialising in financial services, technology and real estate. 

From 2019 to 2023 Garrett was a valued member of the St Catharine’s College Campaign Advisory Group which supported the delivery of the "Our College, Our Future" campaign. Garrett recently rejoined the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) Foundation Board having previously served from 2009– 2015 during which time it supported the “Beyond Campaign". He collected an Honorary Doctorate from QUB in December 2023 and will chair the Foundation Board from January 2024.

He has walked the last degree to both the North and South Poles to raise money for the charities HopeHIV and CRIS Cancer Foundation. He continues to enjoy rugby and currently coaches a mixed ability team in Madrid.