St Catharine’s PhD Student Alejandro Jimenez-Sanchez has paper published in Cell

St Catharine’s College was delighted to hear that second year PhD student Alejandro Jimenez-Sanchez was part of a team that had a research paper published in prestigious biological sciences journal Cell.

The study that formed the paper was about a deep integrative analysis of tumour samples from a patient with metastatic high grade serous ovarian cancer. The main finding of the study was the co-existence of different immune microenvironments in the different metastases and how that related to the differential progression of the patient’s disease. The study provided a clear portrait of the complexity of the tumour immune composition and its potential effect in the progression of the disease in a patient. Moreover, it has opened new research avenues to explore in ovarian cancer patients and other tumour types to find new targets, biomarkers, and rationale designed clinical trials to meet the promise immunotherapy has brought to melanoma and other tumour types.

An animated video of the study can be seen below, and the full paper can be found on the Cell website.