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Catz undergraduate wins Social Impact Award

Thursday 13 May 2021

St Catharine’s undergraduate Tse Uweja (2018, Engineering) has been recognised by the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards 2020/21 for her important work on social and climate justice.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards are organised by Cambridge Hub, with the kind support of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, to recognise outstanding students at the University of Cambridge. The judging panel considered 67 nominations and selected just nine winners, including Tse.

In a blog post about her award, Tse wrote, “Some may think that diversity and education access are on the other end of the social action spectrum to sustainability activism, but to me they go hand in hand: you can’t create a more sustainable, equitable world without all voices at the table. Sustainability goes beyond just the environment, and needs to include the social welfare and justice of all people. This has inspired me to get involved in the projects I have been involved in and drives me to continue to innovate new solutions with people at the centre.”


The organisers commented, “She is a powerhouse of innovation and creativity, having worked tirelessly for social and climate justice during her time at Cambridge. In addition to holding liberation roles on multiple committees, she has founded and spearheaded countless other initiatives. Two highlights are aim, an online platform dedicated to demystifying Cambridge life for people from minority ethnic groups and Cascade, a project which aims to make climate research more accessible, by combining it with behavioural science, to support people in forming sustainable habits."

Read Tse's blog post in full.