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Sticking together: Students compete in Varsity lacrosse and hockey matches


Six St Catharine's students proudly represented the University of Cambridge against Oxford in Varsity lacrosse and hockey matches last weekend.

Freya Wooding (2017, English), President of the Cambridge University Women's Lacrosse Club (CUWLC), earned Full Blue status for competing in the first team in the 104th Lacrosse Varsity Match.​ In addition, Phoebe Jackson (2018, Engineering) played in goal for the CUWLC's second team (known as the Kingfishers or, more informally, the Kingies) and will receive the University's second team colours in recognition of her achievement.

The women's lacrosse teams met away at Oxford's University Parks on 22 February. Both games were hotly contested and, unfortunately, the CUWLC first team lost 8-11 and the Kingfishers lost 10-11.

"Following a double Varsity win in 2019 at home, I was really excited to play in my final Varsity match for Cambridge away at Oxford this year. With Phoebe in the squad, it's great to know that women's lacrosse will continue to have a Catz player next year, and hopefully for more years to come!" commented Freya.

Phoebe added, "I was super excited to represent the University this weekend and play as goalie for the Kingies team. Being led by a fellow Catz student made it even better!"

Varsity matches on the hockey pitch the same weekend were also closely fought. Lydia Michaelides (2015, Veterinary Medicine) was victorious with a scoreline of 1-1 (3-2 on shuffles) in the women's third team, while Kirsten Meehan (2018, Law) played for the women's second team, losing 0-0 (3-2 on shuffles). Harry Cox (2018, Engineering) and Mark Roberts (2018, Mathematics) played in the men's third team and narrowly lost (1-0).

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