Wireless in College

There are three wireless networks in College.

  • The university-wide service called eduroam which is our recomended choice. The instuctions are here: http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/wireless/eduroam/localusers
  • The college-only network is called StCatharinesCollegeWireless. This network requires a password which is available in here (Once you have signed in with Raven at the top), the Library's, from the Porters Lodge and in the various meeting rooms.
  • The college-only conference guest network StCatharinesCollegeGuests. This network is only intended for the use of Guests and Conferences.

All networks are available in: 

  • Sherlock Library
  • New Library
  • The Bar
  • Wolfson Rooms
  • Ramsden Room
  • Rushmore Room
  • The McGrath Centre
  • Bull Staircase
  • E Staircase
  • Gostlin Staircase
  • Woodlark Staircase
  • G Staircase
  • H Staircase
  • I Staircase
  • J Staircase
  • K Staircase
  • L Staircase
  • M Staircase
  • St Chad's
  • Russell Street
  • Barton Road
  • South Green Lodge
  • Woodlark Computer rooms
  • I Basement Computer Room
  • Chads Computer Room

We try to maintain full availability on the wireless network but occasionally there can be interferance or the wireless points break down so we can't guarantee that it will always be available. If you would prefer a backup wired connection in your college room, you should apply for one here.