Applying to graduate

Find out how to apply to graduate.

Any College Member who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may proceed to Congregation.

The March Ceremony is set aside for the MA Degrees and the June Ceremony is set aside for BA Degrees (General Admission). The Praelector’s Secretary will contact those students who are expected to graduate at these ceremonies.

The Board of Graduate Studies or Degree Committee will write to graduate and post-graduate students when they have been approved for their degrees instructing them to contact their College Praelector to make the necessary arrangements.

Once you have received this letter and chosen the ceremony you wish to attend, you will need to submit an Application to Graduate.

We are unable to put a supplicant forward to the University Registry unless you have been officially approved, so please make sure you have received your Letter of Approval before you contact the Praelector's Secretary.

You must apply at least 14 days (subject to there being spaces at your chosen ceremony) before your requested ceremony and details of timings, photography and robe hire for the 'in person' ceremonies will be emailed to you. For 'in absentia' requests, these will not be acknowledged. 

N.B. PhD students undertaking corrections should only apply to graduate once these have been approved. In all instances the hard-bound copy must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the relevant ceremony.

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