Bringing guests

Information about bringing guests to graduation.

If you are graduating in person you may invite guests to attend the Ceremony. The Senate House has limited capacity and adheres to Health and Safety regulations, which necessitates a very tight quota on guest numbers. Admittance is by ticket only and we are able to issue each graduand with 2 guest tickets, free of charge.

Individual sessions are usually 30-40 minutes in length, although they can run up to an hour during General Admissions. Guests are asked to remain seated until the end of their admitted session. There is only limited shelter for those queuing to enter the Senate House; we would therefore suggest that visitors bring umbrellas in poor weather.

Photography is NOT permitted inside the Senate House and mobile phones and pagers must be switched off or muted.

Photography and Illustration Service staff are present in the Senate House yard to take photographs of you and your guests after the ceremony has taken place. Portraits are arranged at their sales stand - advanced booking is not necessary.

The dress code for guests is expected to be formal/smart due to the nature of the ceremony. No denim, logo tops or hoodies, or flip-flops etc.

To ensure that your visit to the University is as safe as possible, enhanced security procedures have been implemented.

We will not allow rucksacks, holdalls, shopping bags or bags larger than 35cm x 25cm into the Senate House or the surrounding grounds. If you bring them to the Congregation/Honorary Degree Ceremony, you will be asked to make alternative arrangements for their storage or may be denied entry to the event. If you need to keep your bag with you, you must seek assistance from a Proctor/Constable who will check contents prior to entry to the Senate House.

Please allow sufficient time for the additional delays this may cause.

Disabled Access

Those using wheelchairs can access the Senate-House via the East Door where there is a ramp. It is not necessary for guests using wheelchairs to arrive especially early, however those keen to be seated near other guests should arrive in good time.


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