Finding accommodation in the private sector

Please note that if you rent accommodation outside Cambridge City you must apply to to the Student Registry for permission to do so. Please refer to the University's guidance about residing outside the University's precincts, and residence information.

Finding accommodation

The University Accommodation Service website is an excellent resource, with which you can register and view various properties advertised with this service.

In addition to their extensive accommodation listings, they are also able to advise any student on matters relating to accommodation (contracts, landlord disputes etc.) and have listings of temporary accommodation (such as B&Bs, hostels and hotels).

Cambridge also has a number of Private Halls of residence at various locations around the city, including The Railyard, Brunswick House, Nido Castle Hill and the Study Inn.

You can also try various online resources: 

Please note that the College is not responsible for the content of any website accessed via these links.

If you are already in Cambridge it's also worth checking the newspapers, and notice boards around Cambridge, particularly the Graduate Union and the University Centre

You may prefer to look for accommodation through other sources but please BE CAREFUL. Do not pay any money until you have verified that the accommodation provider is genuine. If in doubt, please consult the University Accommodation Service.

Tenancy Agreements

When you do find a suitable place to rent, you may need various letters or references, confirming that you are a student at St Catharine’s. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Graduate Office if you ever need such a letter. 

If you are asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement of any sort, please do read it all before signing (including any small print!). In particular, check the following: 

  • How long the lease is for (they are usually 6 or 12 month leases in the first instance) 
  • What is included in the costs 
  • If you leave before the lease is up, check the terms against which you can move out (e.g. how much notice you have to give). 

Whatever you do, DON’T sign anything unless you are 100% satisfied that you understand their terms and conditions.