Postgraduate accommodation

St Catharine’s has a range of accommodation for postgraduate students located around and in easy access of the city centre. The College aims to offer accommodation to all new full-time postgraduate students in their first year, who have requested accommodation by 15th August and who have been officially admitted by the University by 1 September. In exceptional years e.g. where intake is high, we may be unable to achieve this aim.

Those applying/starting later in the academic year, or for just one term, may be offered accommodation if there is still availability after all other allocations have been made. Accommodation in subsequent years is offered strictly subject to availability.

The College's accommodation is accredited by ANUK (Accreditation Network UK). 

St Catharine's postgraduates may rent accommodation via the private market if they prefer. However, if you will be living outside the the University's precincts (the 10 mile radius of Great St Mary's church), you must apply to the Board of Postgraduate Studies for permission. Refer to the University's residency requirements for further information.

Please explore the options in the side bar of this page to learn about the variety of accommodation offered at the College and the process for allocating accommodation.