Process for assigning College accommodation

St Catharine's aims to offer accommodation to all new full-time postgraduate students in their first year, who have requested accommodation by 15th August and who have been officially admitted by the University by 1 September. In exceptional years e.g. where intake is high, we may be unable to achieve this aim. Those applying later in the academic year, or for just one term may be offered accommodation if there are vacancies available. We advise students starting in Lent or Easter term to contact the accommodation office directly to discuss their options. Accommodation in subsequent years is offered strictly subject to availability.

Eligible students will be asked to indicate whether they wish to live in College accommodation when their College membership is confirmed, with accommodation offers made once admission is confirmed by the University Postgraduate Admissions Office. Accommodation is allocated on a first come-first served basis based on when students meet the conditions of their offer. We will endeavour to offer rooms based on your preferences as selected in the request form, subject to availability and demand. 

We are only able to offer accommodation for part time students if their hours of study are more than 21 hours per week. 

Process for assigning accommodation: Incoming/new postgraduates or existing undergraduate students who will become postgraduate students for the next academic year

Step Timing
College sends out webform End of May
Students complete webform By 15 August
Rooms offered From July
Students accept/decline 2 week deadline after initial offer
Tenancy starts 1 October

Process for assigning accommodation: Returning/ existing postgraduates

Step Timing
MCR sends out webform April
Students complete webform Early May
15 students are allocated bedrooms via the ballot Mid May
Remaining students are added to a waiting list End of May
Rooms offered to waiting list if not claimed by incoming new postgraduate students  Mid September
Students accept/decline End of September
Tenancy starts 1 October

Process for assigning accommodation: Medical students at Coleridge Road

Who gets a room?

  • 3rd years have priority to move to Coleridge Road for their 4th year
  • If any rooms are not taken by 3rd years then they are offered to existing 4th and 5th year medics and allocations are decided by a random ballot

How are rooms allocated?

  • If any of the existing residents are lucky to get a room through the ballot they have the choice to stay in their current room or join the room allocation ballot (they can’t revert their decision once they give away their current room priority)
  • For all new people moving into the house (3rd years + people from ballot) a second ballot will take place which will to decide who gets to choose their room first

What about MD PhDs?

  • MD PhDs are considered regular medics for their 4th and are eligible for a room in Coleridge Road
  • After their 4th year (when they start the PhD programme) they have to join the regular PG ballot
  • After their PhD, when they go back to their regular medical training (5th and 6th year), they can then ballot for rooms in Coleridge Road again like regular medics