Application for Accommodation over Summer Vacation 2022

Easter Term residence ends at 10:00am on 26 June, other than for those proceeding to graduation on 30 June. All new Graduands must vacate no later than 10:00am on Friday 1 July. 

Please complete the form below should you wish to stay in College accommodation between the end of Easter Term (26 June) and the start of Michaelmas Term (1 October). Please refer to the table below for a list of reasons as to why you might need to complete this form. If you do not come under one of the categories listed but have a valid reason to apply, please complete the 'other' category followed by free typing your reason in the text box. This will be sent to your Tutor for authorisation. 

There are a number of groups whom are permitted to return to College before the start of the official Period of Residence for Michaelmas Term (1 October 2022). If you belong to one of these then please do submit this form so we can record your return accurately. All applications, aside from those groups who are permitted to return early, will be reviewed on a case by case basis and subject to room availability. If you have more than one type of request (i.e. you wish to extend Easter Term and are also a Freshers rep) then please complete the form for each different circumstance. 

Reasons for application                 Date you are able to return from
Late check out for Easter Term N/a
Accommodation request throughout the summer* All summer
Internships in Cambridge* All summer
MML 4th years who have oral exams and year abroad projects to submit 26 September 2022 
Medics and Vets 'Preparing for Patients B' course 25 September 2022
Medics and Vets taking resits 17 September 2022
JCR Freshers Reps 25 September 2022
JCR Subject Reps 29 September 2022
International Fresher Rep 26 September 2022
Freshers and 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students from Overseas and the EU 26 September 2022
Exchange students 26 September 2022
Instrumental Award interviewees 26 September 2022
Sporting Blues trialists  19 September 2022

For those applying to extend their stay after the end of Easter term or wanting to return early prior to the official start of Michaelmas Term 2022, please note we will endeavour to put you in your 'contracted' room, however this is dependent on availability due to conference commitments and cannot be guaranteed. 

*The rooms we currently have available for internships or summer requests are in Russell Street and rent starts from £21.25 per day.

If you have submitted an application for either the St Catharine’s Summer Project Accommodation Award and/or the St Catharine’s College Alumni Society Student Award Fund, please do still complete this form if you intend to stay over the summer irrelevant of the outcome.

Reason for application     Deadline for application Date by which you will receive the outcome of your request 
Extend Easter Term accommodation           3 June 13 June
Summer accommodation and internships          17 June  24 June
Returning early for Michaelmas Term  1 September  12 September

Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. If your application is approved, any additional nights accommodation, outside the occupancy period, will be charged at the vacation rate and added to your College bill.


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