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Exhibition featuring College manuscript opens in Paderborn

31.03.17 14:50

The College Library has recently loaned a thirteenth-century manuscript to the Diocesan Museum in Paderborn, Germany, for their exhibition devoted to the “wonders” of Rome, which opens today. 

Our manuscript narrates a visit to Rome by an Englishman, Master Gregory, who may have been sent to the city as a delegate of Thomas à Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is the most extensive description of Rome’s classical ruins known from medieval times; ours is the only surviving manuscript copy, and is still in its original binding. 

While in Paderborn, the College Librarian, Colin Higgins, collaborated with the Diocesan Museum and Archives on the digitization of the manuscript. The digitized version will be available on the College website in due course. Further details about this collaboration can be found on the museum's website.