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St Catharine's Fellows Receive Academic Promotions

18.06.18 13:25

St Catharine’s is delighted to announce that four College Fellows have received academic promotions.

Dr Nora Berend, currently a Reader in Medieval European History has received a Professorship. Dr Berend is one of the Fellows in History at St Catharine's, and she currently works on the formation of identity in medieval and modern times.

Dr Jerome Neufeld, who is the Royal Society Research Fellow at the BP Institute, jointly appointed between the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, has been promoted to Reader. Dr Neufeld is the Director of Studies in Physics at St Catharine’s, and his research focuses on fluid dynamical processes within the Earth, including the geological storage of carbon dioxide, the solidification and melting of ice in the polar oceans, the emplacement and solidification of magma chambers, the growth of the Earth’s inner core, and the flow of the Earth’s crust on geological timescales.

Dr Hester Lees-Jeffries, currently a University Lecturer in the Faculty of English, and a Director of Studies in English at St Catharine’s, becomes a Senior Lecturer. Dr Lees-Jeffries has published extensively on Shakespeare and early modern literature and culture: in addition to her monographs, she has contributed chapters to edited books on Renaissance gardens, satire and tragedy, royal pageantry, and blood, and published articles on writers including Spenser, Sidney, and Jonson.  

Dr Peter Turner, a University Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, has received a Senior Lectureship. Dr Turner is the Director of Studies for the third-year, LLM and MCL students at St Catharine’s, and his research interests are equity and trusts, property, contract and commercial law.  

Master of St Catharine’s College, Professor Sir Mark Welland said “On behalf of the College I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Fellows of the College, Dr Berend, Dr Neufeld, Dr Lees-Jeffries and Dr Turner, whose academic excellence has been recognised through promotion.”