Pre-event information

This page is part of the FAQs about alumni events. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us



Attendee lists: Where it is policy to distribute an attendee list prior to the event, these will only be sent to those who have registered for an event. If you would not like your name to appear on the list, or believe that you have been missed, please email

Bar opening times: The opening time for the Bar is 6.30pm, unless otherwise specified. Usually the bar is open until midnight at our events; this will be confirmed in the final details email prior to the event.

Dress code: The dress code for each event will be specified on the event page of the website. Gowns are not required for Alumni; Fellows (including Commoner, Honorary and Emeritus) will be notified if gowns are to be worn.

Final details: In the days leading up to an event, we will circulate an email to all attendees with useful information pertaining to their upcoming visit.

Seating plans: Seating plans will only be available on the day of the event, and are displayed prior to the meal. If you have particular seating requests, these can be indicated when booking, and will be taken into account when the plan is prepared. Please be aware that seating plans may be subject to last-minute changes and requests cannot be guaranteed.

Photographs: Photographs taken by the Alumni & Development Office (or a photographer on our behalf) at events may be used in publications, communications, social media, and on the website. If you are not happy for your image to be used in this way, please let us know. We cannot accept responsibility for any photographs taken by other guests. 

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