The Mether Initiative

The Mether Initiative – named after the ancient Celtic communal drinking vessel used at gatherings to welcome guests in peace and friendship – aims to create a physical and virtual non-partisan space where future leaders, academics and policymakers can connect and learn from the history of Britain and Ireland in all its variety.

The Initiative is led by Des Browne (The Rt Hon. the Lord Browne of Ladyton), who is a Fellow Commoner of St Catharine’s College (2019), and Fellow Dr Niamh Gallagher (2009). It was launched at St Catharine’s in November 2019 after a highly successful panel discussion with former ministers and Secretaries of State for Northern Ireland on the subject of ‘The challenges of delivering the Good Friday Agreement’.

Future activities will be publicised in due course. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact for further information about our Fellows’ activities.