Billing information for postgraduates

At the start of each term all postgraduate students will receive two bills from College to their Cambridge email address: your Fees Bill and your College Bill. 

If you have any queries about your bill, please contact

University Fees

The College is responsible for collecting all fees on the University's behalf. You can expect to receive your fee bill before you arrive at Cambridge, usually at the end of September. Your bill will show your fees for the full year, as determined by your course and fee status. Further information can be found on the University's website.

PhD students in their fourth year of full-time study or beyond are automatically exempt from the University Composition fee.

Home students are billed on a yearly basis with the option to pay in three equal instalments each year. Students classed as non-home are expected to pay in full before arriving in Cambridge to begin the academic year in October. We expect all students to settle their fees within 14 days from the date of the invoice.

If you are not self-funded, then the College will collect the fees from your funding body. Please ensure that you provide details of your sponsor and relevant sponsorship letters by completing a Finance Form. If we do not receive this information, you will be deemed responsible for paying your fees. 

College Bills

College bills are issued separately from your fee bill, usually in the first week of arriving at College. Your College bill includes all charges and fees related to College membership. These charges are split over the course of the year and you have 14 days from the bill date, or seven days from receiving a maintenance loan (whichever is later) to make your payment. 


Those students who live in College provided accommodation will be charged rent through their College bill. Rent is payable termly, in advance, in accordance with your occupancy agreement.

Facilities Charge

A contribution from postgraduates not living in College accommodation to reflect the fact that all postgraduates have access to core facilities such as the bar, dining hall and gym, as well as the sports grounds and boathouse, and that all postgraduates should pay a small charge by way of contribution to these facilities. 

Postgraduate students who live in private accommodation further than 1 mile from College can apply for a reduced facilities charge. To receive a reduction on your bill for Michaelmas Term, you need to apply before the start of term, no later than 15 September. Please use the application form to apply

Caution money

All students are billed for this when they first matriculate with the College and is refundable upon your departure as long as you have not damaged any College property, or owe the College money in any other way. Please note this is not an accommodation deposit - even if you move out of College Accommodation during your course, your Caution Money is not refunded to you until you have graduated from your course.

The University fee does not include any accommodation costs. If you are staying in one of the College's residences for postgraduate students you will be billed for your rent over the course of the year. Water, gas, electricity and internet are all included in the accommodation charge.

Vacating mid-term

All tenancy agreements for 2023/24 run from 1 October to 22 September and for 2024/25 from 28 September to 19 September regardless of your move in date and/or the length of your course. If you wish to move out before 22 September (2023/24) or 19 September (2024/25), you will need to give the Accommodation Manager 3 months' notice of your move-out date. Your accommodation bill for that quarter will then be adjusted accordingly.

MCR subscription

All postgraduate students are automatically enrolled as members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR) unless they opt-out at the beginning of the year. For the current years' membership fee please refer to the fee schedule on the right. MCR membership is also available for fourth year undergraduate students, please contact the MCR. 

Annual Electric Test (also known as PAT Testing)

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is an annual, required, series of checks carried out on all electrical equipment within our student accommodation to ensure they are safe to use. This includes personal items, such as laptops, monitors or hair dryers. Please see the charges for the current academic year.